Friday, October 24, 2014

Pros And Cons Of Crowdfunding Platform

Finding more investors who love your innovative idea and decide to fund their money for developing your project is a different experience than people paying you for what you love to do. Many entrepreneurs like you are looking for a suitable platform to list their creative ideas where they can get plenty of investors to pledge money for completing their project productively.

Crowdfunding is such economic and efficient platform which assists you to raise money for the ideas and good causes quickly. But, there are some pros and cons of using the crowdfunding platform for both fundraisers and investors. Let’s see each one in detail.

Pros of crowdfunding platform

Crowdfunding platform provides many beneficial factors from the perspective of fundraisers for raising capital to develop the idea as a successful project. It assists them to achieve their ambition without any hurdles. We shall have a look at three most important advantages of using crowdfunding platform with respect to the fundraisers.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Come, Earn With Agriya’s Affiliate Network

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Expanding your earning opportunities to a new virtue, your trusted digital partner Agriya provides you an exclusive platform which can help you to generate money from your traffic. It will not only help you to generate money when you spread the warmth of valuable information, but also create a win-win situation for you, your users and Agriya. It is none other than Agriya’s Affiliate Network. Invest minimal efforts to generating maximum profits from this program. Here are the benefits of this system.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Quality Assured! How to Create a Universal SEO QA Checklist

If you've ever had a "facepalm" moment in SEO at least once in your career after launching a new page, such as it going live with an unwanted no-index tag, don't worry, you're not alone. SEOs are busier than ever, juggling a whole host of strategies and tactics. In all the hustle and bustle, small things can slip past even the most vigilant of us. In-house SEOs also frequently face the issue of well-meaning internal IT and web developer teams not being completely au fait with SEO and thus inadvertently committing many an SEO sin.

So what's a busy, over-stretched SEO to do?

good-bad-checklistEnter the universal SEO QA checklist, especially designed to be used by anyone on the team from IT to an admin to the SEOs. By serving multiple teams with one single document, the QA process becomes flexible, fast and simple to do, increasing the chances of its adoption company-wide. This document will be your ally, silently nagging the IT team to double-check the on-page SEO elements on your behalf.

Creating an SEO QA document that can be used by non-SEOs simply involves adding a brief element of explanation, to convey the why, what and how, helping to ensure that things turn out just the way you want. Keeping it as brief as possible is always universally appreciated!

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