Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Exclusive earning possibilities in Agriya’s BuySell Script

Several websites are running with the concept of buying and selling, but all not operating successfully. They are all missing out some most significant features and excellent revenue making options in the website. Agriya noticed all minute details required in the buying and selling website and introduced an advanced Etsy clone script which helps the entrepreneurs to launch their own online marketplace website within a few days. Let’s have a look at the exclusive revenue mechanism in this script right away.

Revenue mechanism

Revenue mechanism in this Etsy clone script assists you to earn numerous amount of money from your buyers, sellers and commercial world. It includes the following revenue options in your website which helps to exceed your return on investment quickly.

Commission fee- Whenever a buyer purchases product in your website, you can collect a definite amount of money as a commission fee

Listing fee- You can decide listing fee for every product added in your buying and selling website. Your sellers can list their products by paying a listing fee decided by you.

Featured sellers- This option not only helps you to earn money, but also assists your sellers to feature them and create a unique place in your website.

Featured products- It assists the sellers to highlight their products by adding it to the featured list in your website. To draw attention from the target buyers, the sellers can feature their products by paying you a definite amount of money. 

Ad-banner- Make money from the commercial world by allowing third-party organization to display their advertisement banners in your website. 

Ad-captcha- When a user enters captcha word to login to your website, you will earn a definite amount. This option also gives assurance that only genuine users are accessing the website. 

Final word

Agriya’s Etsy clone script nourishes your website with these revenue making opportunities which helps you to run a profitable business easily. Get in touch with us to know more interesting aspects about this script.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Four strong supportive pillars needed for the microjobs website

Microjobs industry is having a steady growth since its existence to till date. As there is always a huge need for micro job talents among the millions of employers. As an energetic entrepreneur, you can easily replicate this business model and construct the niche-specific microjobs website with the complete assistance of Agriya's exclusive Fiverr clone script.

This script not only brings your website live immediately, but also incorporated all essential features which are substantial to operate the microjobs website in a productive manner. Let us view four strong supportive pillars of this script.

Dispute management

Run your microjobs website smoothly without any difference of opinion between your users. If there is a chance of arising conflicts between the job sellers and buyers, then you can easily resolve the problem by analyzing the past conversation between them and provide the right solution for the problem.

Multiple payment gateways

This script integrates your website with SudoPay option, which has 40+ payment gateways in it. This option assists you to choose your own preferred payment options which are all suitable for your website. It also helps your website users to comfortably transfer the money with their desired payment gateway.


Creating a SEO-friendly website is as important as making it in a user-friendly manner. This script helps in constructing the website with all Meta characteristics which automatically turns the website into a search engine friendly with the Meta keywords, Meta description and Meta titles. This option assists your website to gain a higher search ranking.

Plugin friendly

By performing minor changes in this script, you can easily add any number of modules to your website. It helps to run the cutting-edge microjobs website in your region effortlessly. This option gives the highest sophistication to you and your users while operating the website.

Core theme

This Fiverr clone script has countless features which facilitate you to run a profitable online business successfully. Keep in touch with us to gain more valuable notes about this script.

Friday, January 23, 2015

How to easily organize and manage the activities happening in your Fiverr clone website?

Fiverr is an excellent online marketplace website which offers the job/gig at $5. Many entrepreneurs like you wanted to replicate this business model and run a cost-effective microjobs website shortly. Are you looking for an interesting and easiest method to establish such website quickly? No need to look further, Agriya provides you an extraordinary ready-made Fiverr clone script that constructs your own microjobs website within a short period of time.

This script not only launches your microjobs website quickly, but also helps you to manage each and every activity that is happening in the website with ease. Let's see three most significant options which facilitate you to manage the request arrivals, website activities and jobs/gigs categories effectively.

Request management

You have the full authority to accept or canceling the job request based on your website gig selection criteria. Once you accept the gig/job, you can split them into the corresponding categories. When the request is admitted in your microjobs website, this option automatically intimate it to all the service providers at a single stroke. This helps the service providers to opt for the desired gig with ease.

Activities management

Starting from the users arrivals to the feedback given by buyer for the gig service offered, everything can be easily handled by you using this exceptional activity management option available in this script.

This ensures that every user arrival, job posting, gig rendered and feedback given the professionals are all documented in your website rapidly. It helps you to check the details whenever you need to analyze your website.

Categories management

Every gig submitted in your website will come under different categories. This option helps you to classify the gigs based on their business categories within a few seconds. It assists both buyers and service providers to work in your website with utmost convenience.

Final word

Similarly, there are many more interesting features powered in this Fiverr clone script, which helps you to run an outstanding microjobs website smoothly. Check out our site to get more detailed information about this script.