Monday, May 11, 2015

How to sell products online

As more and more people switch to purchasing products online through e-commerce websites, many established businesses and budding entrepreneurs are looking forward to selling their products using this medium in order to make more profits and to stay relevant. Though this phenomenon of selling goods online isn't new, the way it is reaching greater proportions has to be pondered over. That said, let us analyze on how to sell products online.  

To sell goods and products, an e-commerce site is essential. One can either choose a third party e-commerce platform or launch their own one through a smart way. Any of these two methods are suggested depending on one's needs and goals. Shedding some light on these two methods can prove useful!

Selling products through  third party platforms

To make a sale, the seller has to first register on a third party e-commerce platform. 

There are numerous kinds of fee which the seller has to pay to the third party marketplace in the form of listing fee, subscription fee, payment gateway fee, successful sale commission, etc, However, each online marketplace is different from the rest. 

There are platforms which do not charge a listing fee, payment gateway fee, but only charge a commission on the price of the goods sold.  So, choosing the one with better services and optimal fee holds the key. 

In spite of the charges, they come with a host of advantages - a large customer base owing to their brand name, having a better delivery mechanism, etc. And also these platforms offer innovation, convenient shopping experience and have a secure payment system in place.

Selling products through your own platform. 

To sell products on your own online platform, you have to start a platform which should have a host of features like a good payment gateway, catchy graphics, product zoom, fine navigation, simple checkout, along with good marketing strategies. Also, if you are to sell a wide range of products, you can start a broad- based e-commerce platform or if you are to sell a particular type of product, you can opt for a niche e-commerce website. 

How to start your own online shopping platform ?

Starting an e-commerce site to sell products isn't a tough job either. You do not have to hire a web developer or outsource the task to any company, as this not only involves a lot of effort and money but also consumes a lot of time. 

One simplest way can be to choose a clone script that has been developed based on reputed e-commerce sites. There are many eCommerce scripts and shopping cart scripts like gilt clone available. These are not only affordable, but are also quick, easy to use, easy to install and reliable. However, make sure that you select the best gilt clone script which not only helps you to become a successful entrepreneur but also brings more revenue by allowing other sellers to sell their products online. You can become an entrepreneur and a seller in a short span of time by just installing this online shopping script on your server.  

Final words:

So, of these two effective methods through which you can sell your products online, choose the one that suits you better. With careful planning and understanding the nuances of the eCommerce world, good rewards come for people intending to sell products through the online route. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ready-made email template option in a Fiverr clone

Usability of ready-made email template option in a Fiverr clone

Many entrepreneurs are looking for the best alternative to launch a website like Fiverr, instead of using the traditional method to establish it from the scratch.

Well, then opt for Agriya’s microjobs script which is an appropriate solution for creating a Fiverr clone website within a short period of time. It integrates the website with 50+ remarkable features, multiple payment gateways, exclusive revenue generation options, etc. Here, we will have a  closer look at one of its superior features.

Email templates

It is useful for both the registered employers and you. Your website employers can easily inform the freelancers about the work or notify any important things to them at a single stretch with the help of the ready-made template available in your website. This assists the registered employers to easily converse with the freelancers. It also facilitates you to quickly communicate with your registered freelancers and employers comfortably. You can also add numerous templates for the future purpose.

Core idea

This microjobs script has incorporated many such excellent features to your fiverr clone website. Get in touch with Agriya to know all key benefits of this script right away.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Exclusive earning possibilities in Agriya’s BuySell Script

Several websites are running with the concept of buying and selling, but all not operating successfully. They are all missing out some most significant features and excellent revenue making options in the website. Agriya noticed all minute details required in the buying and selling website and introduced an advanced Etsy clone script which helps the entrepreneurs to launch their own online marketplace website within a few days. Let’s have a look at the exclusive revenue mechanism in this script right away.

Revenue mechanism

Revenue mechanism in this Etsy clone script assists you to earn numerous amount of money from your buyers, sellers and commercial world. It includes the following revenue options in your website which helps to exceed your return on investment quickly.

Commission fee- Whenever a buyer purchases product in your website, you can collect a definite amount of money as a commission fee

Listing fee- You can decide listing fee for every product added in your buying and selling website. Your sellers can list their products by paying a listing fee decided by you.

Featured sellers- This option not only helps you to earn money, but also assists your sellers to feature them and create a unique place in your website.

Featured products- It assists the sellers to highlight their products by adding it to the featured list in your website. To draw attention from the target buyers, the sellers can feature their products by paying you a definite amount of money. 

Ad-banner- Make money from the commercial world by allowing third-party organization to display their advertisement banners in your website. 

Ad-captcha- When a user enters captcha word to login to your website, you will earn a definite amount. This option also gives assurance that only genuine users are accessing the website. 

Final word

Agriya’s Etsy clone script nourishes your website with these revenue making opportunities which helps you to run a profitable business easily. Get in touch with us to know more interesting aspects about this script.